Armed Combat and Tactics (ACT) Knife and Machete in Austin

ACT Knife and Machete

ACT Knife and Machete

ACT Knife and Machete in Austin

Date: 11/23/2014
Instructor: ACT Noah Gross
Location: Austin, Texas
Length: 8 hours

We had Noah Gross co-founder of Advanced Combat and Tactics (ACT) from Israel come all the way to Texas for three events, and Knife and Machete in Austin was the third and final one. After spending two days in his level 1 instructor course I was interested to see how it plays out in a seminar based environment.

Driving for about 3 hours from Fort Worth I ended up a bit late for this one, so I missed any introductions and initial course set up at 9am. We started with some reaction drills, simple at first that slowly became more complex. Reaction drills that where based on explosive speed without telegraphing your motions, these then turned into evasion drills to avoid the attack, which then evolved into counter drills and combinations. The pace for this section was very smooth I think, with each drill adding on to the next. After some time of these we did a very similar progression but with blocks, the drills started simple, then evolved back into countering and combinations. From there we started working on some basic empty hand drills based around analyzing and guessing opponents intentions then into some multiple attacker drills before spending the last few hours with machetes. I know I said it once before in another review but these machete trainers are awesome, we pretty much spent the last hour just sparring each other with them. We finished around 5pm with about a hour of lunch. It was another great day of training with Noah and a great way to finish the week. We are hoping to have him out here again soon.


+ Cant get enough of those ACT machete trainers
+ Great instruction and energy


– Felt like the topics jumped around, could have used more consistency

FINAL – Recommended

Robert Klenka
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