SIRT SPOT RMR Trainer Review

SIRT SPOT RMR Optic Trainer

SIRT SPOT RMR Optic Trainer

SIRT SPOT RMR Optic Trainer

Personally I think the SIRT Pistol Trainer is one of the best investments for dry fire, instruction, martial arts, and just about any practice that you could use a pistol for. This past week Next Level Training created a add on for those of us who have RMRs on their pistol and I went ahead and picked it up.

How It Works

For $19.99 you get, well, not much, just a small piece of plastic that replaces the rear sight on your SIRT. In the rear it does have a back up notch that aligns up with your front sight post so you can still run it that way as well. I do wish though that it came with a higher rear and a replacement front post because a lot of people that run RMRs also replace their back up irons with suppressor height sights. So hopefully in the feature they will add a option for that. How the SIRT SPOT RMR Optic Trainer works isĀ  actually pretty clever. The SIRT itself has two lasers, one for trigger presetting and one for when you completely press the trigger. I almost ever use the presetting option, but with this it allows you to reuse it as the RMR red dot. So the first thing you need to do is adjust the laser to align up to where the red dot would be. For me I just aligned it to the fire laser to keep them in alignment. So when you set the trigger the laser shines and appears through the SPOT trainer.

Weapon Accessing Seminar – 06/2012

Weapon Accessing in Waco 2012

Weapon Accessing in Waco 2012

Weapon Accessing Seminar

Date: 06/2012
Instructor: Joel Martinez
Location: Waco, Texas
Length: 4 Hours

Yep this is from all the way back in 2012.

This half day course was taught by Joel Martinez and was all weapon accessing drills. The primary goal was for students to bring and wear their Every Day Carry (EDC) along with any type of set up they are interested in to test it with opposition.

My set up for today was a Comp-Tac 2 o’clock appendix carry holster for a M&P Compact. The belt clip for this holster was a J style that loops behind the belt. Along with a strong side pocket folding knife. I was also interesting in the idea of a pocket carry, so I brought along a Ruger LCP in a pocket holster. Note: Blue trainers and training knives where used through out. Training was done in a open field in a park in Waco.

Catalyst M&P Magazine Release Extension Review

Catalyst M&P Magazine Release Extention

Catalyst M&P Magazine Release Extension

Catalyst M&P Magazine Release

One of my few complaints with the M&P is that the magazine release just does not line up well for me. I have to break my grip in order to reach it reliably. This of course slows down my speed as I readjust back into a good grip after a reload. A lot of times I will use my off hand thumb to hit it on the way to reaching my spare magazine. So I started looking for a solution. I learned that 21st Century Gunfighter released a extended magazine along with a ‘carry variation’ in what was once called a “Costa Catalyst”. The version I bought was the MOD1 or ‘carry’ version which is a little shorter than their standard Catalyst M&P. It runs about $30 bucks on their website.