Knife Fighting Duels Jan 2015

January Knife Fighting Duels Highlights

Here is the highlight video of some knife dueling that we like to have at the end of the class. This type of work allows for some good fun knife fighting sparring while working on our knife fighting skills.

The rules of this one is called “Poison Knife” which means any contact to the arm would force a arm change. Any contact to the head, body or leg is considered a “lose”.

The main downside to this type of drill is you since you have two willing partners, that instead of going for the arm to disable, everyone pretty much swings for the head or body for the “kill shot”. A even larger risk is that it can encourage the potentially bad habit of ‘giving up’ after the first strike, instead of fighting until the end. We have drills that focuses on that point but they do come off more messy on video with less “clean hits”.


Some great fighting from everyone this month, lots of combinations that opened up head and body strikes.


Robert Klenka
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Civilian Trauma Medical

Civilian Trauma Medical

Civilian Trauma Medical

Civilian Trauma Medical

Date: June 13th 2015
Instructor: Robert Klenka
Location: Mansfield, Texas
Length: 5 hours

The Civilian Trauma Medical is our 5 hour class that includes ECSI First Aid certification and NAEMT Bleeding Control (B-Con) certificate. This is to give people a great baseline in medical knowledge and is aimed for range officers and anyone who spends time around a firearm. The longer 8 hour version called: CHL Trauma Medical includes Active Shooter information, a shoot house, and lots more. This class is broken into three mian parts.

ECSI First Aid

This is your standard First Aid course with more emphasis on the trauma based topics. Covering everything from broken bones to bug bites to give students a basic action plan.

NAEMT Bleeding Control

B-Con goes a little more into the trauma based incidents. Here more in depth is given to tourniquet usage and hemostatic agents to control excessive bleeding.

Trauma Medical Crash Course

Crash Trauma Medical

Crash Trauma Medical

CTCTG 6th Anniversary – CHL Trauma Medical Crash Course

Date: May 23rd 2015
Instructor: Robert Klenka
Location: Waco, Texas
Length: 2 hours

This year was the Central Texas Combatives Training Group’s 6th year anniversary meet up. I was lucky enough to teach a short crash course on Trauma Medical for CHLs. The goal of my section was to get through the information as soon as possible so we could get to the force on force scenarios and application.

I started by first discussing the main differences between ‘Civilian’ and ‘Tactical’ in where the ‘civilian’ side of things has a stronger focus on more blunt force trauma (think car crashes) and where the ‘tactical’ side is more penetrative (think gun shots and stabbings). They both follow the classic First Aid ABCs: Airway Breathing and Circulation, just with a different order of priority.

From there I explained and demonstrated the uses of different tourniquets, pressure bandages and hemostatic agents, along with chest seals and decompression. All of which you can read more in-depth: HERE and HERE.

Once the brief information section on Trauma Medical was done, they where broken up into groups of three, one victim, one responder, and one spotter. Since we where not using fake blood or prosthetic injuries the spotters job was to relay information to the responder, such as amputated limbs or when the responder found a injury on a unconscious victim. They where then set up in a section of the shoot house where the responders had to attempt to save the unknown victims of a active shooter. After a few minutes a ‘unknown shooter’ would enter and engage the group, if the responder was ‘injured’ they then had to patch themselves up as well. You can see a lot of great images on our Facebook page: HERE.