CZ Scorpion Evo Pistol Review

CZ Scorpion Evo

CZ Scorpion Evo

CZ Scorpion Evo Pistol Review

Under the guise of tracking down another rifle for my wife. I picked up a CZ Scorpion Evo 3 pistol, along with the SBTEVO pistol brace and adapter. The idea being that she would enjoy the more mild 9mm recoil than the 5.56 and 5.54 rifles she currently uses.

Once it arrived it was very simple to attach the folding SBTEVO brace, all you need to do is just remove the old rear cover and slide on the new brace. This gives the pistol very nice complete look.  Almost too nice, as every time I bring it out people believe its a stock. Then I threw on a Primary Arms Advanced Red Dot  and took it out to the range with a box of LAX reloads and some WWB.

The CZ Scorpion’s “low profile” style iron sights where quick and easy to sight in at both 25 and the 50 which I left it at, and I co-witnessed the Primary Arms Red Dot to match the irons. This made aiming quick and easy.

The first thing I noticed while firing was the trigger pull, over 9 pounds! The second being the recoil which was a lot more than I expected from a 9mm and much more noticeable than my AR or 5.45 AK. I first thought it was due to the light weight in comparison, but when I took it apart I saw that the bolt and recoil system is quite massive in size and weight. When it gets going it has a lot of mass and momentum. This is probably my first and main complaint about the pistol, that recoil. It requires a bit more effort than you would expect to manage it when shooting. It is also the first thing people who shoot it comment on and why the wife had no interest in it after her first few shots. “I would rather shoot my AK.” She told me.

NRA Carbine Match

Once sighted in I was hitting plates with no effort, it was so easy it was almost boring. So like most of my rifl-i mean pistols, I brought it to the NRA carbine match so I can compare it to my others. And it did fine and I was hitting scores in average of what I got with my AR and AKs but not as low as I can get with the PS90 and AR-22s.

Soon after I did what everyone else does with their scorpion, i started throwing mods and money at it. I really hated the high angle of the stock grip so I replaced it with a Pathfinder, then replaced the springs with a a HB spring kit which brought it down to a nice 5.5 pound trigger pull. A thing to watch out on that spring kit is that if not installed just perfectly the reset spring can get stuck and wont reset properly. But once I got it in correctly I have had no issues. The grip is angled just right to where I did not feel the need to replace the safeties like a lot of other peoples did.  Next I needed a sling, so I went with a Urban-Sentry Hybrid connected using the default sling attachment points. So far so good.

Next NRA defensive carbine match rolled around and I was ready to go. “Shooter ready, standby”, bang bang bang, “you do know each of those rounds went right into the ground around half way down range right?” And he was right, at 50 yards all of the rounds hit the ground at around 25. I then spent the next two weeks coming and going form the range trying to figure it out. Brought different rounds, different optics, removing the mods I did, it was a tact driver just a week before but now nothing. Getting annoyed i gave it a shake and i could hear something rattling around.

Apparently it is common in the Scorpion Evo for the thread protector to come loose in the flash hider cage. So each time I shot it, the bullet would hit the thread protector and deflect off some where. After some percussive wrenching, I was able to break it lose and decided to just leave it off.

Soon the match came around again, and though the Scorpion Evo was more pleasant to shoot, that recoil still kept it in the same core range as my AK and ARs. So far a fun little gun, but not really any advantages over my AK or AR for what is now about the same price point. Until the suppressor shows up that is (eventually).

Scorpion CZ

Scorpion CZ Gun Fighting

ALIVE Rifle Gun Fighting

The next event I like to bring my new guns to is the ALIVE Rifle Gun Fighting 101 course. This course is a great little bit of everything in just one day. It has some running, it has some cornering, it has some long distance, it has some vehicle, it has it all. So I was excited to bring it out and see how it does.

For the most part it ran just fine. No malfunctions, but a lot of learning and mods on the to do list. Due to its light weight carrying it all day was very comfortable, but this light weight made running and gunning a bit more challenging. The safety was easy nice and stiff, but was easy to miss when transitioning to the left. The front sight is quick to pick up, but the rear sight is easy to aim over with muff style hearing protection. The red dot was not always the fastest to pick up so I might move it forward more. The left sided charging handle lets you do the fun HK slap, but made it harder to manipulate while moving. I think i will get a longer one and switch it to the right side. The mag release could be larger so ill switch it out for a AK style.

The biggest thing I noticed involved the sling and sling mounts. Using the front left metal attachment points made it very common for the sling to block the trigger guard when transitioning to the left side. And the rear mount, which is made out of plastic, nearly worn completely through after one day! So all that right there adds another $150-200 more mods to this pistol, turning it almost in to a AK ergonomics. Makes me wonder if i should have just went that route.


So far, other than the recoil which CZ says they will have a mod out for eventually, its a pretty cool gun, after you throw another $400 in mods at it.

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