Dual Wielding ALIVE! Workshop with Steve Miles

Duel Wielding Gun and Knife

Duel Wielding Gun and Knife

Duel Wielding! – ALIVE! Workshop with Steve Miles

Date: February 7th 2015
Instructor: Steve Miles
Location: Salado, Texas
Length: 4 hours

This months ALIVE! Combatives Workshop was dedicated to the idea of dual wielding either knife and knife, or knife and gun. We follow the idea that “Two is One, One is None” especially when it comes to carrying defensive tools. So a lot of our guys carry at least two accessible knives on them and that’s not including their daily firearm. So the idea of using two at once, or fighting against someone using two is not a completely unrealistic situation. So the first then we discussed was in what situations would you find yourself with two knives, or knife and gun. One thought was during the encounter you deploy and present you off hand knife, and in a null in the fight, you deploy your strong hand knife instead of switching hands. Another way you disarmed one opponent and know you have two against your next. What if you draw your firearm and reach for a mag reload but grab your knife instead? What if you don’t carry extra magazines? What if instead of two knives its a knife and a flash light? Gun and flash light? Gun and empty magazine? It did not take much thought though we might have stretched a bit on some logic on where you would end up having two weapons. 


So of course the first thing we did was some oppositional sparring while dual wielding two knives. You could see how having this extra object in your hand would throw off your mental game a bit. By trying to keep both knives in play it was easy to lead with your head to much, or get into a one-two strike fashion.  Some of us almost ignored our second knife and fought as if we just had one. It was a very interesting round of sparring.

After some great warm up and initial discussion we started analyzing and working drills so we could use one knife to fake and feint to then strike in with the second knife. Soon we where able to use both knives at a striking distance with efficiency.

Up close

Where dual wielding really shined was up close and personal with checks, blocks and quartering. What threw me off a bit is one would think you would try and use both knives to try and “scissor” your actions for more damage like a form of a two hand knife pass. But it was quickly noticed that doing so put you pretty close to cutting your self during the pass and it could leave you open for a counter cut if your partner was duel wielding as well. Instead of a counter cutting pass we worked on drills based on a check and pass in a great progression that allowed you to use both tools very well.

What made this so great was how Steve Miles had the progression designed. You would first start working just the check and pass with the two knives, then you would start adding more and more strikes to the mix. Then you would run the progression with empty hand a knife, empty hand and a gun, and finally knife and gun.

Overall i found it to be a very enjoyable workshop and i also got to work on some drills that i have not have had the chance to in some time.


+ Great energy and knowledge by Steve Miles
+ Great drills that work with two weapons, one weapon or even empty handed.


– N/A

FINAL – Recommended

Steve Miles did a great job of having a progressive set of drills that made it easy to switch between a single weapon work and duel weapons (knife and knife, and knife and gun)

Robert Klenka
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