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KWA ATP Adaptive Training Pistol Review

KWA ATP Airsoft Pistol

KWA ATP Airsoft Pistol

Airsoft and simunitions training is a very import aspect to everything we do. So for awhile now I have been looking around for a airsoft version of my main sidearm, the S&W M&P .40 compact. But they just don’t seem to currently exist. The next closest would be a non-blowback version of the full size M&P, but even that is getting pretty hard to find. During one my searches online, some one mentioned that the KWA ATP Adaptive Training Pistol. The KWA ATP was designed to be a happy medium between a Glock and a Smith and Wesson M&P. Supposedly the KWA ATP came about because Glock has been getting onto manufactures about creating airsoft pistols based on the Glock platform. So KWA decided to create its own and was smart enough to try and make it work for a wide arrange of firearms, making it a adaptive training pistol.

I picked the KWA ATP up at the beginning of the summer for about $150 from Amazon. Now hopefully most of you reading this understand what a great training tool a good airsoft pistol can be. But if you are one that thinks that airsoft is nothing but a toy. Then you really need to come to one of our Force on Force events and I guarantee you  that your view will change dramatically.  That aside, this KWA ATP pistol works great. First thing I did was try it in all of my holsters, it fit each one with no issues including ones designed for my compact pistol. The fact that it fit has caused me to take a closer look at getting a full size M&P for carrying somewhere down the line.

RS AKM Mount with VORTEX Strikefire Review

RS AKM Mount with Vortex Strikefire

RS AKM Mount with Vortex Strikefire

Needing a optic for my Arsenal SGL-21 AK pattern rifle. I decided to pick up a RS AKM Mount and Vortex Strikefire combination that AimSurplus.com had on special. At the time this was the optic combination to to have. So just how does it stack up? Well first lets start with how optics are attached to this style of mount. One of the more interesting design choices of the AK style of rifle has, is the location of it’s optic accessory rail. This rails located on the side of the rifle instead of the standard top. This mounting system is called a side rail (surprise right?), and it is exactly that, a rail on the side of the rifle:

AK Side Rail

A common AK side rail

This side rail is a different approach than the picatinny rail seen on most western rifles such as the AR, where the mounting system is placed directly on top of the rifle. The reason the AK rifle went with this was primarily for the use of night vision, which at the time were quite large. So they needed a way to not only hold all that extra weight, but in a way that was quick to put on or off.