Review: Systema HQ – Knife in a Fight

Knife in a Fight

Knife in a Fight

Knife in a Fight

You can pick up knife in a fight as either part of a two pack DVD with Konstantin’s Street Crime or can be purchased as a separate downloadable video. Its about a 45 minute long video that focusing on softly drawing and accessing a knife in a fight.

Knife in a Fight

Knife in a Fight

It starts off with some warm ups and drills on softly drawing and concealing a knife from different positions and elevations. Then they start up some partner work on how do access and deploy the knife while being attacked and struck. How to stop them from accessing their knife, grabs, strikes, and a few other topics. Lots of good information, drills and demos in such a short 45 minute long video, well worth the watch.


+ Good soft accessing work


– Not much else in it

FINAL – Recommended

Overall its a pretty good video and it is well worth the $9.95 cost for the downloadable version.

Robert Klenka
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