Review: Systema HQ – Street Crime

Systema Street Crime

Systema Street Crime

Systema Street Crime

Systema Street Crime is a 45 minute long video from Konstantin Komarov. For those who don’t know, Mr. Komarov is one of the head Systema instructors and a psychology expert. When ever possible I really enjoy and try to train with him any chance I ge,t for he is one of my favorite instructors. This guy really knows his stuff. So I had high hopes going into this video.

I ended up getting though was a bit different than what I expected. I was hoping for a great informational video from Konstantin Komarov about how to foresee and prevent crime, something he knows a lot about. What this video shows is just part of the information Konstantin Komarov covered in Systema Camp 2012 (try and find me in the background). Which is not bad at all. He shows and explains a lot of interesting information but It just felt like it was just skimming the top of all the information he has.

Systema Street Crime Konstantin

Systema Street Crime

It first starts off with him explaining the reasons why someone would hit another, then goes into concealment of weapons and pick pocketing. He also spends some time covering some basic criminal interests along with a few other topics. Overall its not to bad a deal for $9.95, but your not really missing much if you skip this one.

Konstantin covered a whole lot more than just what was presented in this video from Systema Camp 2012, so I hope they release the rest of his footage as well.


+ Some fun drills and information


– Should have been more indepth

FINAL – Recommended

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