Review: Systema HQ – Train and Teach Systema DVD

Train and Teach Systema

Train and Teach Systema


At first glance, the cover of the Train and Teach Systema gives the feeling that this video is meant for people who are interesting, not just learning, but in actually teaching Systema. But in reality this is a great instructional video that does a good job of not only showing a good chunk of what Systema HQ Toronto Systema Camp is like (about 1/3 i might say). But gives a good feel of Russian Martial Art Systema training as a whole. In short this is a really good video for those who are new to Systema.

Train and Teach Systema

During the Russian Martial Art Systema Camp of 2012, everyone would split up into three groups. Beginners (lead by Vladimir Vasiliev), advanced (lead by Konstantin Komarov) and instructors (lead by Valentin Talanov). So what this video does, is it displays the highlighted material that was covered during the “instructors” portion of the camp. Though it does not include the water, night, and other portions. What it really do not is teach you how to teach Systema, so if you buy it thinking that, then you may be disappointed.



Valentin Talanov is probably one of the lesser known instructors here in the states. Luckily he was able to make it to the 2012 Systema camp at the last minute. From what I was told was he was pushing hard to cover a lot of the ‘teaching’ aspects of Systema to the instructors at this years camp. The goal being to try and make sure everyone was teaching from the same page of Systema.  “Train and Teach Systema” does a pretty good job showing what his training sessions where like during my time there.

The days where generally split into topics. For the instructors, at the end of the day you where ‘tested’ over the topic. These test are not really shown in the DVD, but what we did was make a large circle and sparred in the center while Valentin Talanov watched and graded. This DVD does a good job keeping with the topic order we followed that week.

The DVD starts with breathing and falling drills then goes into core exercises. This lead into a good covering of taking and giving strikes with lots of good demonstrations. Ground work was then covered along with holds and grabs. To round it all off, it ends with Knife and Stick weapon works. Over all about 2 and a half hours of great work is covered in this video.

Working with Knifes

Working with Knifes

I really enjoyed spending the week up there training with Valentin and the others and it was a great learning experience. This DVD is a great way for me to review some of the many things we covered. In fact you will even see me in the background here and there. One of my favorite DVDs they have released and well worth the purchase. If this is Talanov’s portion of camp i sure hope they release Vlad’s and Konstantine 3rds as well.


+ Lots of good drills and information
+ Maybe the best overall intro to Systema


– Could have used a better name, people think its about how to actually teach Systema

FINAL – Recommended!

One of my favorite Systema DVDs

Robert Klenka
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