Street Defense Pistol Seminar

Street Defense Pistol Course

Street Defense Pistol Course

Street Defense Pistol

Date: June 20th 2015
Instructor: John H
Location: Waco, Texas
Length: 8 hours

Street Defense Pistol course was developed primarily by two Waco PD veterans with the goal of creating a class that filled the need for “beyond CHL” level of training. They wanted to put new students through basic defensive scenarios that go beyond your standard stand and deliver square range mentality while also allowing regular and advanced students a great review course. This class was taught by the Waco branch of the Central Texas Combatives Training Group ( CTCTG ).

On the line

The group started off with a simple range drill against a standard cardboard target. This was to give the students a starting point and to shake off any ‘class jitters’. Once the line was done your standard cardboard targets where replaced with old shirts. This was to add a touch more realism compared to just plan IPSC style cardboard targets.

From there we started with accessing and deploying our defensive pistols from concealment. Most of the group where drawing from a appendix style concealed holster while a handful drew from a outside the waist band holster. Everyone there drew and engaged comfortably so not much time was spent focusing on the draw aspect, since we would be doing it continuously the rest of the day anyways.

Vertical Transitions

Soon after we started working vertical transitions, that is going into a kneeling position and then into a supine and prone rotations. This rotation started from a standing position, into a possible supine or prone position and into a side prone (urban prone) all depending on what command was called out. Reloading from this different positions forced people to think more into how and where they position their backup magazines for easier access.

As with a lot of our CTCTG firearms courses there was a lot of important stress placed onto being able to accurately shoot from and switch between both your left and right hand positions in both a single hand and double hand grips. The is important for it allows you better cover positions along with dealing with possible hand or arm injuries.

Horizontal Transitions

Since shooting is a dynamic activity we spent a lot of time moving off the X along with moving to and from different forms of cover including under low platforms to simulate vehicle work. Sometime was also spent in touch close on the target to practice drawing and positioning your firearm in such a way to not cause a malfunction along with some basic third party protection work of moving people from location to location.


Street Defense Pistol was a great review for the more experienced shooters and a excellent course for those who are just starting out. We covered a little bit of everything through the class giving new students a great baseline for future training that just cant be done on a plain square range format. Instruction was nice and clear, the round count was kept low and it was not to miserable out weather wise. A lot of great training for a great price.

Defensive Pistol

Defensive Pistol


+ Great class for those who just got their CHL

+ Covers a little bit of everything


– N/A

FINAL – Recommended

Street Defense Pistol is a great class for beginners and great review of everyone else!

Robert Klenka
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