Travis Haley Adaptive Kalash – Review

Haley AK

Travis Haley – Adaptive Kalash

Adaptive Kalash

Adaptive Kalash is Travis Haley’s Instructional DVD about running the AK rifle. I watched this using Panteao’s subscription service.

Haley starts off Adaptive Kalash with a introduction on the AK platform, and maybe its just me but he seamed to start off pretty negative about it. He talks about his “respect” for the platform in one sentence and then goes on about how many women and children that it has killed over its years. “Keep a open mind” about this “battle field pick up” he likes to repeat. During this intro he says more negative things this rifle has done, as if it was the rifles doing and not its users, then he talks about anything else. Kind of a bummer way to start i think.

After he covers the four safety rules, he starts digging more into the actual AK rifle. He goes into a good overview of what to look for when you are picking one out and why they have such varying price points. It was nice to see that he likes to run a more stock AK than his tricked out ARs tend to be. He talks about looking out for crooked sights, sloppy hand-guards, different barrels, just a good overview on what to look for. I thought he would have gone more into the fact that the AK has to have a certain amount of US parts and more into the actual importing of the rifle but its understandable why he did not. I feel like here would have been a good chance to go more into its history.

Combat Lifesaver Video – John Spears

Combat Lifesaver with John Doc Spears

Combat Lifesaver with John Doc Spears

Combat Lifesaver

Still riding on my Combat Medical kick, I watched the Panteao Productions Combat Lifesaver with John “Doc” Spears. Its a new video from them and their first medical based one. How to treat trauma is one of those things to where you can never be to good at it nor can you ever get to much information. So i was glad when i finally got a chance to watch this one. NOTE: If you want more information about combat medical course stuff please view my other posts on that topic. I don’t plain on rewriting all that here, this is just a brief review.

Mr. Spears starts right into it with talking about Care Under Fire section of the TCCC and was very good about giving you locations online to where you can get the newest information. He talks about the importance of helping your self and helping others in such situations. How you need to be a fighter first (secure the area) and a medic second. He talks about the differences from civilian trauma (think car accidents) and tactical trauma (gun shots). Which really put the Trauma First Responder course and the Tactical Medic courses i have taken last year into a good perspective. He discussed how they cover the same ideas but the importance and risks of certain injuries are different. Over all the start of this video was very informative and well done.

Review: Active Shooter Response – Paul Howe

Active Shooter Response with Pawl Howe

In preparation to the Trauma First Responder course I picked up and viewed the new video from Paul Howe and Panteao titled: Civilian Response to Active Shooter.

Active Shooter Response

He starts off by stating that most active shooters are of the ‘lone wolf’ variety and if there is any from of opposition they usually, most often, kill themselves.  This does seam to be the current norm when it comes to active shooters in the US. They pick easy targets and rarely does a two way gun fight take place.

Civilian Response


Paul Howe goes into some detail about what one should Every Day Carry (EDC). This i find is a good way to start this type of discussion and video. One is not going to be rushing in in full tactical gear ready to fight. So by having gear you can access on your person, in your vehicle, at your common locations (work, where ever) is a great idea. Goes from a daily shoulder bag to a larger Bug Out bag, and during his explanations has some pretty nice tips such as the use of colored lights and tags.