Dual Wielding ALIVE! Workshop with Steve Miles

Duel Wielding Gun and Knife

Duel Wielding Gun and Knife

Duel Wielding! – ALIVE! Workshop with Steve Miles

Date: February 7th 2015
Instructor: Steve Miles
Location: Salado, Texas
Length: 4 hours

This months ALIVE! Combatives Workshop was dedicated to the idea of dual wielding either knife and knife, or knife and gun. We follow the idea that “Two is One, One is None” especially when it comes to carrying defensive tools. So a lot of our guys carry at least two accessible knives on them and that’s not including their daily firearm. So the idea of using two at once, or fighting against someone using two is not a completely unrealistic situation. So the first then we discussed was in what situations would you find yourself with two knives, or knife and gun. One thought was during the encounter you deploy and present you off hand knife, and in a null in the fight, you deploy your strong hand knife instead of switching hands. Another way you disarmed one opponent and know you have two against your next. What if you draw your firearm and reach for a mag reload but grab your knife instead? What if you don’t carry extra magazines? What if instead of two knives its a knife and a flash light? Gun and flash light? Gun and empty magazine? It did not take much thought though we might have stretched a bit on some logic on where you would end up having two weapons. 

Vehicle Gun Fighting with Mark Human Review

Vehicle Gun Fighting

Vehicle Gun Fighting with Mark Human

Vehicle Gun fighting in Waco

Date: April 2013
Instructor: Mark Human
Location: Waco, Texas
Length: 16 hours

We where very lucky to have Mark Human from South Africa spend a weekend with us and teach us all about Vehicle Gun Fighting. Mark Human is one of the world’s most premier instructors who truly enjoys what he does for a living and you can see it in all the energy and knowledge he brings in to his seminars. This is one of those seminars that is hard to write about because it is something everyone should experience first hand.

People spend a lot of time in and around vehicles but we spend so little time actually incorporating it into our regular training. This truly was one of the classes I have been looking forward to the most in 2013.

Nok Training Knives Review

Nok Training Knives

Nok Training Knives

Nok Training Knives

In order to get the best out of my self defense training, I am always looking out for the best training weapons. So my friend Steve Miles from the Central Texas Combatives Training Group introduced me to Nok Training Knives. And he was not wrong, these Nok trainers are one of, if not, the best training knifes I have ever used. They are now one of the pillars to all of the knife fighting training we do.

Each one is hand made in Thailand by their creators with a wood core and is wrapped in a neoprene covering. They run about $25 and up and come in different styles and sizes. You can even send in a print up on your knife and they will send you one back to use as similar as possible, for extra money of course.

Like I was saying, these trainers have become an invaluable tool to everything that we do. We would not be-able to go with as much force while still being safe if it was not for these Nok training knives. Nok trainers allow you to train at a great realistic speed during sparring and oppositional training, giving you a more realistic experience without a high a risk of injury.  Just remember to wear eye protection!

If you do any type of knife training than these are truly a must, I really can’t recommend them enough.