Teaching Kids about Firearms

Youth Day 2010

Youth Day 2010

Teaching kids about firearms

One of the most common questions i get asked is about teaching kids about firearms and firearm safety.  BAs someone who does not have any kids, but yet has taught thousands of them over the years I have what some have considered and interesting approach to teaching kids. Well, they say its interesting, i think its pretty obvious. Also a lot of these ideas and methodologies work the same with basically any new shooter. But for the ease of discussion i will discuss from the point of view of teaching kids.

When should they start?

You should start teaching kids about firearms when they are old enough to ask. If they are old enough to show interest then they are old enough to start learning about firearm safety. When i have a shy, nervous kid come up during one of our many youth days who seam a bit hesitant about shooting but are going because they don’t want to look like a wuss in front of their group. When i ask them why are they so nervous, about 99% of the time i get one of two answers: They have never shot a gun before, or the only other time was when their father/boyfriend/whoever thought it would be funny to have their first shot be from a high powered desert eagle or high powered hunting rifle. To then be surprised how traumatized they now are of shooting once they finish cleaning up all the blood from from being hit in the face with the scope/slide from incorrect form.

I had a coworker from a while back who told me about his sons first shooting experience. ‘Oh what a good bonding experience’ i thought. Nope. He took his kid out, and without the child knowing, loaded a round and had it ‘accidentally’ go off while the kid was holding it. Scared the kid to tears. ‘Good’ he told me, ‘that’s one less thing ill have to worry about for the next few years’. Lets just say I gave him a ear full.