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Ballistic Strikes

Ballistic Strikes

Ballistic Striking

This should be a pretty short review for Ballistic Striking because its kind of hard to write a review about a 2 hour video of someone punching hand mitts, but ill try.

This is a review of the Val Riazanov Ballistic Striking video, which is about 2 hours and some change long. This video was created to demonstrate and explain the classic “Systema Ballistic Strike”. The Systema strike is a relaxed, whip like strike that a lot of Systema guys are well known for. It can be pretty devastating to be on the wrong end of one of these.

Val Riazanov starts off by talking about mechanics, the structure needed, how to deal with tension for Ballistic Striking. Through out he does a good job, though long winded at times, explaining how the strike is done. He goes into good details about each step with some good drills on how to work on it alone and with a partner. Where it really shines is in all of the demonstrations hes performs through out the video.  He shows a lot of pad work and drills in this DVD set, some of which i have started adding into my own strike training. The quality and pacing of the video is pretty good, no real complaints there. So overall its a pretty good strike DVD.

The big down side here is the price, its $79 bucks through Val’s website. That’s pretty steep. I learned a lot and got a few good tips here and there, but overall i don’t think its worth that price. If you can get it cheaper then it would make for a good addition to any Systema collection. But when you can pick up Vlad’s Strike DVD or Martin’s Striking and Moving DVD for much cheaper, the value of this one sinks down a bit.


+ Good demos
+ Good overview of how to “Systema strike”


– Kind of expensive

FINAL – Recommended

Its good if you can get it cheap

Robert Klenka
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