Solo CQB Gunfighting

Solo Gunfighting

The Science of the Corner - Salado Tx

The Science of the Corner
With Sonny Puzikas
Salado, TX
October 14-15, 2017

Knowing how, and having the skill, to correctly negotiate corners is an essential aspect of prevailing in a modern urban gunfight. Working as a lone civilian or solo LEO, the critical elements of CQB tactics and movement are quite different than those used by a SWAT team or military unit. Working alone in your house or elsewhere during an active shooter situation, tactics must reflect the reality of an environment where there is no backup, no one to watch your six, and no one to suppress while you reload. The commonly taught team tactics of "dynamic entry" and "flooding the room" have little to no relevance.

This in depth 2-day seminar is designed to provide attendees with better understanding AND applicable capabilities to prevail in a close quarters urban environment gunfight.

This seminar is not just "training", it will be a "deep learning" event. Attendees will understand the context and challenge of solo CQB during multiple force-on-force iterations against fully resistant opponents, not just scenario roleplayers,. Small class size and ample instructor feedback will ensure concepts and skills are understood and students will know what they can do to improve at home.

Topics to be addressed:

- Dominating the CQB Gunfight. Gunfighting is a two-way exchange of ballistic projectiles. The dynamic geometry of the gunfight is also a two-way exchange of information. He who acquires more info while giving away less, has a significant advantage during the phase of actual ballistic exchange.

- Movement and Positioning. 360 degrees of 3-dimensional violence. Control of space often is more important than "aggression of action".

- Mindset and Decisionmaking. OODA cycle in-depth as it applies to mental management during high stress combat.

- Battle Drills. Negotiating "L", "T", and cross intersections in a non-team environment.

- Advanced weapon retention in confined spaces.

COST: Just $399 for two-days of high-quality instruction. Includes all required Force-on-Force gear.

Space is limited to 10 participants only.

Location: Salado, Texas.
Date: October 14 - 15, 2017
Time: 9am – 5pm
Cost: $399

Solo CQB Gunfighting - October 14 - 15th 2017
Salado, Texas

This course is being hosted by the Central Texas Combatives Training Group.

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