Robert Klenka

Lead Instructor, Owner

Robert Klenka has trained in martial arts for over ten years. He is not only a Certified Russian Martial Arts Systema Instructor under Vladimir Vasiliev, Siberian Cossack Systema Instructor under Andrey Karimov, Certified American Ninjutsu Instructor under Chief Instructor Yvonne Falgout, ALIVE! Combatives Instructor under Steve Miles, and Israeli Armed Combat and Tactics (ACT) Instructor under Noel Gross but has also trained in other martial disciplines such as AMOK, Boxing, Kali, Taekwondo, and Jiu-jitsu. Robert Klenka is a Fort Worth Facilitator/Instructor for Central Texas Combatives Training Group:

Robert Klenka was the President of the University Martial Arts Association at the University of Texas at Arlington from January 2008 to January 2009 and the secretary from January 2007 to January 2008. Robert Klenka was also the Students for Concealed Carry University of Texas at Arlington representative from 2007 - 2010.

Robert Klenka is also a Concealed Handgun License Instructor for the state of Texas and is a National Rifle Association firearms instructor in the disciplines of Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Black Powder Rifle and Black Powder Pistol along with being Range Officer certified. He is a board member of the Arlington Sportsman’s Club and won three Sportsman’s of the Month awards and a Joe Tiroff Memorial Award from the Arlington Sportsman’s Club for his participation in teaching youth shooting sports. He has also serves as a monthly match director for local NRA Defensive Carbine Match and 3 Gun matches.

Robert Klenka is available to teach private and group firearms classes. This can include Concealed Handgun Licensing classes for the State of Texas (4+ hours), full NRA certified firearm classes (8 hours each + certificate), a NRA certified First Steps Class (4 hours each + certificate) or a non-NRA firearms class that range from beginner to advanced courses (variable times, no certificate).

In addition to martial arts, he is also a National and State certified EMT. First Aid, CPR and AED, Stop the Bleed, Trauma Instructor and NAEMT Trauma First Responder and NAEMT Tactical Causality Combat Care (TCCC) certified.

Robert Klenka with Vladimir Konstantin and Valetin
Robert Klenka with Vladimir Vasiliev, Konstantin Komarov and Valentin Talanov

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