NLT SIRT Training Pistol Review

SIRT 110

Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Training Pistol is a training tool created by Next Level Training (NLT). Its a plastic Glock shaped training pistol that shines a laser every time the trigger is pulled. It even has a option to shine a second laser when the trigger’s slack is taken up. When it was originally being released a few years back, NLT contacted me (among others I’m sure) pretty often in attempt to get us to buy a school set discounted but still pretty pricey. Once prices started to become reasonable I decided to pick one up.

Though I guess it might have once came in a nice plastic box, mine was pretty much just wrapped and placed in shipping box. The SIRT Training Pistol has a pretty realistic weight to it and feels pretty similar to a full sized Glock pistol. They have been saying that they will have a M&P version any day now for over a year now, but I’m not holding my breath. It does have a removable magazine with a extended release but the slide itself is stationary. The trigger pull is pretty heavy but it is very adjustable. It feels pretty sturdy and I’m not to worried about damaging it during training. The laser is also stated to be eye safe but i don’t know how much I am willing to test that.

At the time (and currently still) i have a Crimson Trace laser on just about all of my pistols. During dry fire practice i would use its pressure switch as a way of working on point shooting and shot placement, so i was a bit skeptical on if this would be any better for its price. One of the first things i noticed was how much fun it was just to play around with. With it being a separate training tool i did not need to clear my carry pistol to get some dry fire time in, i could just pick it up and play. I could just sit there while watching TV or wondering around and work on simple point shooting and cornering drills. I could shoot at targets down the hall while waiting for code to compile. Before i knew it i was just carrying it around with me everywhere. I decided to keep the trigger pull heavy partly because it looked like a hassle to adjust, but also to concentrate on a nice smooth trigger pull.

There are a lot of target systems that are SIRT Training Pistol compatible, but the laser is so bright and noticeable that your just as well off shooting at random items around your house. But i am looking into adding some projector based drills to our Friday night gun classes. Using the SIRT to instruct has filled a nice gap between airsoft pellets to show impact and having people using their mind to visualize rounds. With this you can see the laser and get feedback without having to pick up pellets all the time. But then again you lose the ‘promise of pain’ that you gain with airsoft training. Its a nice way to get people into force on force without the ‘soft pox’ bruises that airsoft can cause.

This past weekend was one of the .22 matches I go to and i was surprised how much playing with the SIRT Training Pistol improved my fluidity and score. This really is a step above just play dry-firing even while using a crimson trace laser. I’m enjoying it so much that I’m slowly adding more to my collection for using in our weeknight classes.

If you like to train and can afford the around $200 cost for one than it really is a great training tool.


+ Feels sturdy
+ Fun to play with
+ Helped my match score


– Kind of expensive for a glorified laser pointer

FINAL – Recommended

Its a fun training tool to have, but it is a bit pricey. Pick one up when SIRT has a decent sale and you wont regret it.
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