Nok Training Knives Review

Nok Training Knives

Nok Training Knives

In order to get the best out of my self defense training, I am always looking out for the best training weapons. So my friend Steve Miles from the Central Texas Combatives Training Group introduced me to Nok Training Knives. And he was not wrong, these Nok trainers are one of, if not, the best training knifes I have ever used. They are now one of the pillars to all of the knife fighting training we do.

Each one is hand made in Thailand by their creators with a wood core and is wrapped in a neoprene covering. They run about $25 and up and come in different styles and sizes. You can even send in a print up on your knife and they will send you one back to use as similar as possible, for extra money of course.

Like I was saying, these trainers have become an invaluable tool to everything that we do. We would not be-able to go with as much force while still being safe if it was not for these Nok training knives. Nok trainers allow you to train at a great realistic speed during sparring and oppositional training, giving you a more realistic experience without a high a risk of injury.  Just remember to wear eye protection!

If you do any type of knife training than these are truly a must, I really can’t recommend them enough.

How To Order Nok Knives

The only negative I can give is the standard ordering process is a little…outdated. If you want to buy them straight from the source: which looks like a website made in the “edgy” early 2000s. Once you purchase them she waits about a week or two, no matter how many and how often you buy from her, for all of the money to clear. Then and only then will she send them out. I have to assume that they have been burned before with fraudulent charges in the past but it is a bit of a inconvenience if you need them soon. So when I buy them I usually buy them in bulk to last me for some time.


+ Lets you go all out with low risk of injury
+ Handmade
+ Custom sizes and designs


– Shipping can take some time

FINAL – Recommended!

There really is no better sparring training knife!


I have about 20 of these bad boys now with a handful of custom ones. Still no issues and they all look like the day I got them. These are made out of some tough materials. There really is no better training knife out there for oppositional work. If you are training knives and you don’t have one of these, you are truly missing out. These Nok trainers truly are our bread and butter.

You can buy these world class training knives right from the builders here:
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