Review: Cold Steel Espada – Large

Cold Steel Espada

Cold Steel Espada Along with the Voyager, the Cold Steel Espada is a very common blade to see at our knife seminars. There are two major types, each in 3 sizes. You have the cheaper G10 handle and the more expensive (about 2x more) polished ones. The polished Cold Steel Espadas…

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Cold Steel Voyager XL Review

Cold Steel Voyager XL

Cold Steel Voyager Personally I have always kind of stayed away from Cold Steel. Mainly because I can’t say I am a big fan of their CEO. But I have always been told that they make some pretty great stuff. So after a few of our all day seminars. I…

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Nok Training Knives Review

Nok Training Knives

Nok Training Knives In order to get the best out of my self defense training, I am always looking out for the best training weapons. So my friend Steve Miles from the Central Texas Combatives Training Group introduced me to Nok Training Knives. And he was not wrong, these Nok…

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