SIRT SPOT RMR Dry Fire Pistol Trainer Review

SIRT SPOT RMR Optic Trainer

Personally I think the SIRT Pistol Trainer is one of the best investments for dry fire, firearms instruction, martial arts, and just about any practice that you could use a pistol for. This past week Next Level Training created a add on for those of us who have RMRs on their pistol and I went ahead and picked it up.

How It Works

For $19.99 you get, well, not much. The SIRT SPOT is just a small piece of plastic that replaces the rear sight on your Glock based SIRT. The rear of the SPOT does have a back up notch that aligns up with your front sight post, so you can still run as if you are using back up irons as well. Though I do wish that it came with a higher rear “back up” sight, and a replacement front post because a lot of people that run RMRs also run with suppressor height back up sights. So hopefully in the feature they will add a option for that.

How the SIRT SPOT RMR Optic Trainer works is actually pretty clever. The standard SIRT itself has two lasers, one for trigger presetting and one for when you completely press the trigger. I almost ever use the presetting option, but with this it allows you to reuse it as the RMR red dot. So the first thing you need to do is adjust the laser to align up to where the red dot would be. For me I just aligned it to the fire laser to keep them in alignment. So when you set the trigger the laser shines and appears through the SPOT trainer.

Some Issues

This is a pretty creative use for that laser I must admit, and works quite well. The downside is to activate it you need to preset the trigger, which means having your finger on the trigger. I think depending on how you train this could be a problem. What I do is I align the SPOT into my view, then I press to verify my alignment. Which means unlike a actual RMR it is not always on, and does not help with initial adjustments until I press to check. I do it this way because I don’t want to get into the habit of pressing the trigger to “turn on the dot” on the trainer to then do the same on my actual pistol. I also don’t want the laser to project on the wall, or wherever, until i am ready. That way I’m not chasing the laser so to speak. This also allows me to get my position without searching for the dot, which is very common with red dots. But I am worried that people will set the trigger to early to get the dot, and or, get used to riding the laser up, or any other mix of training issues.

The biggest issue is that since its illuminating the laser, it pretty much makes any laser electronic target such as the LASR or Smokeless Range, near useless because the system will be tracking the SIRT SPOT RMR laser registering it as hits. So if i can’t use it with those, and I don’t want to preset the trigger until I am lined up, and I don’t want to ride the laser if I preset to early, so it does not give me that much of a tool over just dry firing with my actual RMR and a laser snap cap. What i think it will allow is a good base for modifications to the SIRT SPOT itself, placing a piece of acrylic over the cover with a dot marked in the middle so its ‘always on’ is one idea. Then once a idea sticks, then it would be a cheap fake RMR i could add to any dove style rear sight such as all my airsoft pistols.  But then again, for not much more I could just get a cheap Sightmark “RMR” and a dovetail rear sight adapter.

So in conclusion, the SIRT SPOT is a clever idea of reusing one of the lasers, but it may be to clever for its own good. Its also a bit expensive for the 5 cents piece of plastic that it is. I also don’t think it is that much better, and maybe worse, than just dry firing with the RMR you already own.
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