Adult Self Defense Classes

Jiu-jitsu ground fighting with knives

Our Adult Self Defense and martial arts class is held every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

We offer weeknight self defense and martial arts classes along with weekend events and seminars. One of the major things that separates us from the rest is that we have integrated the very best of traditional martial arts, such as ALIVE! Combatives, Russian Martial Art Systema, American Ninjutsu, Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, and others. Along with military combatives and weapon focused training, all while using a realistic context driven methodology to allow our students to build real self defense skills fast. We know our personal self defense system works because you will make it work against other living people who are trying to win. There are no formal katas, one-steps or forms here, just real self defense.

All of our self defense and martial arts classes prioritizes the use of weapons for ones personal self defense. Our Tuesday night classes focuses primarily on usage of knifes and other personal carry weapons, and our Thursday night classes focuses more on empty hand skills for those times where a weapon is not available. We recommend all of self defense minded students to show up wearing pants with pockets and a belt.

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Upcoming Seminars and Events.

In addition to our weeknight martial arts classes we also offer weekend self defense seminars and events. Here are some of our upcoming martial arts, self defense and firearms training events and seminars:

  • ALIVE! Knife / Gun Monthly Meetup - First Saturday of Every Month - Salado Texas - More Info!
  • NRA Defensive Carbine Rifle Match - Fourth Saturday of Every Month - Mansfield Texas - More Info!
  • Knife Fighting 101 - September 10th 2017 10am - Mansfield Texas - Register Now!
  • ALIVE Rifle Gunfighting 101 - September 16th 2017 - Waco Texas - Register Now!
  • Science of the Corner - Solo CQB - October 14-15th 2017 - Salado Texas - Register Now!
  • Gunfighting in and Around Vehicles - October 21th 2017 - Waco Texas - Register Now!

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