• Force on ForcePerform Under Pressure
  • Knife DefenseKnow What To Do
  • Texas CHLTX DPS Certified Instructors
  • Defensive Firearm TrainingLearn safely and correctly
  • Ground FightingNot only survive, but win
  • Oppositional TruthLearn what works for you
  • Vehicle Firearms TrainingKnow how to handle the worst case
  • Women's Self DefenseDo not be a target
  • Knife on KnifeSimple and effective
  • Group SeminarsHeld monthly in Texas
  • Low LightOwn the night
  • Power with ControlLearn what works for you
  • Counter AmbushProtect yourself and family
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Martial Arts & Self Defense

Fort Worth Texas' premier self defense, martial arts and firearms school


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Russian Systema: 7:00PM - 8:00PM
ALIVE! Combatives: 8:00PM - 9:00PM
American Ninjutsu: 7:00PM - 8:00PM
ALIVE! Combatives: 8:00PM - 9:00PM

Fort Worth Combatives at Texas Defense Academy : 2902 Race St Suite 116, Fort Worth, TX 76111 Directions

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Events and Seminars

Upcoming Seminars and Events - Check Here

Only a warrior chooses pacifism; others are condemned to it. ~ Unknown

Fort Worth Combatives is a self defense, martial arts, and firearms training school serving the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area. Here at Fort Worth Combatives we teach:

  • Russian Martial Art Systema
  • American Ninjutsu
  • ALIVE! Combatives
  • Israeli Armed Combat and Tactics ACT
  • C.L.A.W.S. Womens Self Defense
  • Texas License to Carry LTC
  • National Rifle Association NRA Firearms Classes
  • Basic Firearms Classes
  • Defensive Firearms Classes
  • First Aid, CPR and AED
  • Tactical Medical Courses
  • and so much more!

Here you will find your ideal self defense and martial arts class!

Check out our Martial Arts Classes, Upcoming Events then SIGN UP for a 6 Weeks Martial Arts Trial!

Russian Martial Art Systema

Russian Martial Art Systema

Every one is different: different ages, sizes, and fitness levels just for starters. So then why is everyone taught martial arts as if they are same? In our Systema Russian Martial Arts program held every Monday from 7:00 to 8:00pm we give you the tools and the training to develop true self defense that works for you. Here we focus on the Four Pillars: Breathing, Relaxation, Movement and Structure that allows you to build the self defense frame work of your own martial arts combative toolbox.

Check out our Systema Russian Martial Arts program then SIGN UP for a 6 WEEKS MARTIAL ARTS TRIAL!.

ALIVE! Combatives and Self Defense

Alive Knife Fighting

This is Texas, you are practically handed a knife and gun when you arrive! Learn how to use them quickly and effectively to defend yourself and your family. Our ALIVE! Combatives program is held every Monday and Wednesday from 8:00 - 9:00pm. We have taken the very best from Filipino, American, South African, and Israeli Krav Maga knife fighting systems along with the very best American firearms training and put them to the ultimate oppositional test! If it does not work under pressure, then we don't teach it! This class is open to men and women 13 years old and up.

Check out our ALIVE! Combatives / Gun Fighting program for more information,

American Ninjutsu

American Ninjutsu

This is not your traditional out-of-date 80's Bujinkan Ninjutsu style. In American Ninjutsu which is held is held every Wednesday from 7:00 - 8:00pm. We have removed all of the antiquated aspects of Ninjutsu while focusing on practical and realistic self defense martial arts training. But that does not mean we don't like to pull out the swords and throwing stars every now and then! This program is recommended for adults and kids 12 years old and up, or anyone who wants to learn effective self defense in a more formalized setting. Who wants to learn boring Karate and Taekwondo when you can be a Ninja!

Check out our American Ninjutsu program for more information,

Don't think you can make it to our week night martial arts and self defense classes?

Well good thing we have weekend self defense and firearms events nearly every week!
Check out our Upcoming Events!

Almost Every Weekend

Check our upcoming events!

Fort Worth Combatives
2902 Race St Suite 116, Fort Worth, Texas 76108
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