CTCTG Annual Meetup

NRA Rifle Match

CTCTG 8th Annual Meetup - Waco Tx

Alumni and first timers are welcome at this event!

MORNING SESSION. Participants will choose one of the following classes:

INTRO TO DEFENSIVE SHOTGUN with John Hambrick (2.5hrs) This course will introduce or refresh you to defensive shotgun use. LIVE FIRE. Students provide Shotgun, 50rds birdshot, 5rds buck, eye and ear protection.


TRAUMA MEDICAL REFRESHER with Robert Klenka (2.5hrs) This course will offer a familiarization/review of treatment techniques for penetrative trauma injuries to limbs and torso. Will include Force-on-Force scenario exercise. Training tourniquets and other medical gear provided. Airsoft mask required.


TURNING THE TABLES Students will learn how to seize the initiative and prevail during with violent criminal assaults using empty hands, knife, pistol, or other defensive tools.

We will take a short break for a brown bag lunch in place. Then...

AFTERNOON FORCE-ON-FORCE GAUNTLET. Students will use thier skills to work through challenging personal defense scenarios using airsoft pistols and resistant opponents. Stations include:

SHOOTHOUSE. Students will negotiate an active shooter situation and receive feedback on their performance.

TRAUMA TEST. Students will respond to a (simulated) traumatic injury of themselves and/or others and receive feedback on their performance.

PERSONAL DEFENSE AFTERMATH Students will deal with the arrival of law enforcement responding to a defensive shooting and receive feedback on their performance.

AIrsoft mask required to participate in the GAUNTLET. AIrsoft pistol, mask, and holster may be rented for $50.

Following the gauntlet event everyone can participate in the: FBI PISTOL QUALIFICATION (Optional) Students will shoot the FBI pistol qualification test and receive feedback on their performance. This is a fun test of your sighted fire pistol skills, not a competition. LIVE FIRE. Students must provide: Pistol, 3 mags, 60rds, holster, eye and ear protection.

CATERED BBQ DINNER and TRADING TABLES. Upon completeion of training students will enjoy a catered Texas BBQ dinner. Participants may set up tables to trade//buy/sell gear during this time.

FREE T-SHIRT for everyone who registers by May 6th!

The only MUST HAVE equipment for this event is an airsoft mask, these are available at Walmart or Academy for around $18. Specific classes may require more gear as described above.

Thank you for your interest! But this classes date has past, so keep a eye out for the next one by following us on Facebook!

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