CTCTG Annual Meetup

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CTCTG 10th Annual Meetup - Waco Tx

10 YEARS! We started as a small group of friends in an online discussion forum (remember those?) who wanted to meet and train with each other. Since then we have hosted hundreds of meetups providing low-cost high-quality personal defense training to folks in Central Texas. We are celebrating with a training extravaganza filled with fun classes, force-on-force, food, and fellowship.

We will train all day in a variety of classes then enjoy a catered BBQ social event at the range. Alumni and first timers are both welcome at this event.

STOP THE BLEEDThis class will provide instruction/review of treatment techniques for penetrative trauma injuries to limbs and torso. Training tourniquets and other medical gear provided.

LAW ENFORCEMENT PISTOL QUALIFICATION Test your skills against the current department standard of a Central Texas PD. LIVE FIRE. Requires Pistol, Holster, 2 magazines, 50rds, eye and ear protection.

COMBATIVE HANDS Learn simple and effective ways to seize the initiative and dominate in a personal defense situation. No equipment required.

KNIFE Learn effective cutting using your own carry knife and a variety of cutting mediums. Understand how knives cut, what kind of blade works best in various personal defense contexts, and what to look for when selecting a carry knife. Bring a knife you might actually carry for personal defense.

PISTOL ACCURACY Develop and improve your grip, stance sight alignment, trigger pull, and follow through. DRYFIRE. Requires pistol and holster.

AXE THROWING. Get introduced to this fun and growing sport activity. All equipment provided.

FORCE-ON-FORCE GAUNTLET Participants will square off against each other with airsoft pistol in a variety of challenging situations. Fun double elimination tourney format, prizes for winners, losers get to be treated for simulated gunshot injuries. Airsoft gear provided or bring your own.

CATERED BBQ DINNER and TRADING TABLES. Upon completeion of training students will enjoy a catered Texas BBQ dinner. Participants may set up tables to trade//buy/sell gear during this time.

Location: Waco, Texas.
Date: Saturday, June 8th, 2019
Time: 10am – 5pm
Cost: $40

CTCTG 10th Annual Meetup - June 8th 2018
Waco, Texas
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