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Firearms Course

In order to acquire a License to Carry (LTC), which was previously known as a Concealed Handgun License (CHL), in Texas requires a minimum of four (4) hours of classroom training along with a written test. In addition to the classroom portion there is also a range portion to getting ones License To Carry. The range portion involves 50 rounds at three different distances (3, 7 and 15 yards) involving different rates of fire using factory ammunition. A semi-auto pistol is recommended.

In the License To Carry classroom portion we will be covering the following:
  • Firearms Handling and Storage
  • Firearms Use
  • Lawful Carry and Use of Force
  • Non-Violent Dispute Resolution
  • plus additional topics

The complete License to Carry class takes around 6 hours on average to complete depending on the class size.

Where to Start

The easiest and fastest way to gain your Texas License to Carry LTC/CHL is to first start at the Texas DPS website by clicking here: Texas LTC/CHL Program from there you can get valuable information and check that you are eligible. You will also need to pay the necessary dues to the State, and start the back ground check process. It is not necessary that you do that portion before your LTC class. You can take the classroom portion before you register with DPS if you want. But they both must be done before you will get your license. You might be illegible to get a discount from the state if you qualify.

The Texas LTC website will walk you though the whole Texas LTC/CHL process, including the fingerprint appointment. Everything short of the classroom and range potion of the class will be done through that License to Carry website. Once applied they will present to you (email) a check list of every thing you must submit to DPS for your Texas License To Carry. Included in this list is the LTC/CHL-100 which is the Certification of Training, this is where we come in.

You can take the classroom portion at any time.

Upcoming License To Carry Classes

License to Carry Course

Once you have applied for your license through the state (or before) you will need to attend the License To Carry class. This class takes around 6 hours on average to complete including the range portion. Since there are already a lot of License To Carry instructors in this area we usually only hold the License To Carry class around every 3 months or so depending on the interest. We also offer this class for people who can not make it to normal weekend classes, like people who work on the weekends, by breaking it up into four hour long blocks after our weeknight classes, in addition to the range portion. For more information about that please Contact Us. For our upcoming events including future License to Carry classes, check out our:

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