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This is for the shorter 2 hour version, for the longer version check out our: First Aid Trauma Medical course.

When trauma happens it must be addressed immediately. Will you know what to do?

The top cause of preventable death in trauma is bleeding. So join us and learn potentially life saving techniques to stop major bleeding. This ranges anything from major accidents to shooting incidents. Around 20% of people who have died from traumatic injuries could have survived with quick bleeding control. In this class we will be covering the basics of treating such trauma related injuries.

This course includes American College of Surgeons - Stop The Bleed (B-Con) certificate, and will cover:

- Tourniquets
- Hemostatics such as QuikClot
- Pressure Bandages
- And More!

Training will be presented by Nationally and State Certified EMT, Bleeding Control (B-Con), Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI) certified instructor, Tactical Medical Solutions® Associate Trainer, Texas State Certified SWAT Medic graduate, Personal Protection Officer, and C-TECC Recognized Education Partner Robert Klenka.

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Stop The Bleed - Adult CPR and AED

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