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In addition to our currently on hold weeknight self defense and martial arts classes, we also offer weekend self defense events and seminars nearly every weekend in Texas. These seminars are not only meant to be excellent additions to our weeknight self defense classes but also for those who can not make it to our week night classes. These seminars and events range in everything from basic NRA firearms classes all the way to multi-day self defense events, including knife fighting, gun fighting, indoor CQB tactics, first aid trauma medical training and much more. We also team up with other groups in order to bring in big name instructors to us at a discount, saving everyone time and money.

Upcoming Events and Seminars

Here are some of our upcoming self defense, martial arts, and firearms seminars and events:

  • Civilian Trauma Medical - Stop The Bleed - January 23rd 2021 - Fort Worth, Texas - COMPLETE!
  • Civilian Trauma Medical - Stop The Bleed - February 20th 2021 - Fort Worth, Texas - POSTPONED!
  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care w/ Force on Force - March 20th 2021 - Fort Worth, Texas - Register Now!
  • Civilian Trauma Medical - Stop The Bleed - April 10th - Fort Worth, Texas - Register Now!
  • Civilian Trauma Medical - Stop The Bleed - May 15th - Fort Worth, Texas - Register Now!

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Want to Host a Seminar?

Civilian Trauma Medical

Let us come to you! If you a business, range, school, church, group, or anything of the sort, we will gladly come to you! Our most popular events to host our are one day 8-hour Civilian Trauma Medical course, and our 3-hour Womens Self Defense class.

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