Womens Self Defense Workshop

Womens Self Defense Workshop

Fall 2021
10am – 1pm
Mansfield, Texas.

At this course, we will be presenting highly effective personal defense material tailored for women with minimal or no previous training. This is not your typical "knee to the groin/keys to the eyes" women's self-defense class. Students will learn:

  • AWARENESS AND ALERTNESS: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" Gain a deeper understanding of how, where, when, and who criminals select as their victims.
  • AVOIDANCE: What to do when a criminal is approaching. In this crucial time BEFORE they attack there are simple steps you can take to make criminals look elsewhere for a target.
  • MINDSET: Refuse to be a victim. Learn what you must do BEFORE carrying pepper spray, a knife, pistol, or other defensive tool.
  • DEFENSIVE TOOL SELECTION: What and how people actually carry to defend themselves and their families. You will be surprised how well these solutions will fit with what you wear and where you go.
  • ESCAPING: Simple and effective strikes and moves to help you escape when awareness and avoidance aren’t enough.

Non-adult teens may attend with a parent.


Womens Self Defense

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